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  • 2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Invitation

    We are here with honor invite you to visit us in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair on Oct 26th to Oct 30th,2018. New arrivals will be displayed during the show. Welcome to visit us at two booths:    Booth No.: GH-K10 Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Date: Oct 27-30th,2018     Booth No.: 8-C13 and 8-C15 Location: Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Date: Oct 26-29th,2018       We are one of the most professional suppliers in led lighting field. Below pls check our most popular product range FYR. You could also test these once you visit our booth.     Led Post Top Area Light:  Led Shoebox Parking Lot Light:  Led Shoebox Retrofit Kit:  Please advise us your contact info like mobile No. if possible. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you at the HongKong lighting exhibition. China LED Area Lights,Post Top Lights,LED Replacement,LED Retrofit Kits Manufacturer Supplier.  We also supply led wallpack light, led street light, led canopy light, led corn light, led gas station light etc .      Email:info@ok-lite.com Website:www.ok-lite.com [View Details]
  • Las Vegas lighting exhibition Invitation from Shenzhen OK-LITE Manufacturring Co,led.

    Light Show West 2018 Add:Las Vegas Convention Center Date:17th-18th Oct,2018 BBier Booth No: 1128 [View Details]
  • 13 of the most cutting-edge vegetable growing patterns, which one do you choose?

    Vertical agriculture is a revolutionary and sustainable agricultural approach that reduces the need for large amounts of agricultural water and saves a lot of space and land. This kind of agricultural innovation with sustainability as the core has led more and more people to pay attention to its ecological and environmental protection methods and the possibility of realizing agricultural production in extreme environments. [View Details]
  • New LED Stadium Light--Recommend !

    Good news for you ! there comes the new ultra-light and thin supper LED stadium light! Bbier LED provides energy efficient, cost effective industrial LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor sports arenas and stadiums. Specific sports venues include Baseball Stadium,Basketball Court,Football Stadium,Hockey Rink,Soccer Stadium,Tennis Court Lacrosse and more. [View Details]
  • The 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018

    Founded in 1996, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is a world-class high-level exhibition that gathers the world's best and most comprehensive lighting production and trading companies. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be held from 9 to 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou. As a large, influential and comprehensive lighting and LED industry exhibition in the world, the number of spectators this year is more innovative. More than 116,000 professional audiences in 120 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, with an increase of 6% over the previous year, 20% are the overseas audience. [View Details]
  • Breaking News . 100W 150W DLC Preminum LED Retrofit Kits for 300W 400W MH HPS HID lamp replacement

    Breaking News . 100W 150W DLC Preminum LED Retrofit Kits for 300W 400W MH HPS HID lamp replacement [View Details]
  • Order Has Been Finished--Ready for Shipping

    Thanks for customer’s trust and support, all goods has been test and package well , ready for the shipment. This customer is from DE, we have cooperation for several years, established a long term business relationship. [View Details]
  • Comparisons between Ok-Lite's post top retrofit corn lamps and HID Bulbs

    Comparisons between Ok-Lite's post top retrofit corn lamps and HID Bulbs     There were currently no available products suitable for use in the ‘open’ style enclosure that is normal in Vaour. However, some suitable IP65 corn lamps in ok lite are suitable for use in the ‘open’ style enclosures. Below are our findings:   Summary Stocks of replacement HID (mercury vapour) lamps are getting low. Increasingly it will become harder to find replacement lamps for your incumbent street lighting. LED is the only realistic alternative. Sales of Mercury vapour lamps have been banned in the EU since 2015. It is now possible to replace your street lighting (CFL/MH/HID/HPS) with LED lamps. Using your existing fittings and not having to change the ‘head’ of the lamp saves hundreds of Dollars. The LED replacement lights are called ‘Corn’ lights due to the resemblance to a corn cob. The replacement lamps are IP65 – waterproof. Capable of installation into open style street light heads.      Extreme long life span. Guaranteed for 3 years and with a projected lifespan of greater than 10 years (12.5 years @ 11hrs per night). Huge energy savings of between 67% and 81%. (See table – Power Consumption.) Simple to install in original lighting fixtures. Takes between 2 and 3 minutes to bypass the starting ballast and capacitor of the old HID fitting.      Return on investment in 13 months. Choice of light colour to closely match original light output. 2700-6700K. Choice of light intensity to match original light output. 30. 40, 50W output available.   Advantages: 1.Reliability - >10 year projected lifespan. 2.No Light Fade - HID lamps can fade by 60% over their 3-5 year lifespan 3.Running cost 67-81% energy saving 4.Instant start-up - HID lamps take over 5 mins to start. 5.Will pay for itself in 13 months.     Reliability: Extreme long life span – 50,000 hrs MTBF. Guaranteed for 3 years and with a projected lifespan of greater than 10 years (12.5 years @ 11hrs per night). A note on MTBF - Mean time between failure is the predicted elapsed time between inherent failures. Generally all electronic components have a MTBF figure. It is usually rated in hours of ‘ON’ time. This is the predicted time a component will last. However it is as likely to last much longer than this prediction. We have LEDs that we soldered into circuits  many years ago still operational today.   Light Output: The conventional estimation for LED replacement lamps is: 30W – 3600lm +/-5% - 100W equivalent. 40W – 4800lm +/-5% - 125W equivalent. 50W – 6000lm +/-5% - 175W equivalent. However after testing against an ‘old’ HID lamp we found the following: (Non-calibrated LUX readings taken at ground level.)     Technical Detail:     Cost Justification: Using the figures of €0.15 per kW/h, and savings of 81% on the 30W lamp and 11 hours per night run time. The lamp will pay for itself in 13 months, thereafter saving 81% of the electricity bill.   We have a lot of led corn lamps for street light, wall pack, canopy and post tops solutions. Our post top lamps are the perfect exterior lighting solution. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.Special circuit design, each LED work separately.  China led post top,led stadium lighting,led shoebox,led parking lot lights,led gas station light, led canopy lights manufacturer supplier.   led post top----------1300 led canopy lights----------2400 led stadium lighting------1000 led shoebox----------------320 led parking lot lights------3600 led gas station light --------1300  avoiding the single broken LED influence problem Please inquiry us if you are interested in these corn cob lamps. Email: info@ok-lite.com Tel : +86-0755-27196935 [View Details]
  • Glad to See You Again in Columbia University

    We has finished the order for Columbia University recently, and now some of the post top lights are installed in the beautiful Columbia University, let’s go and have a look. [View Details]

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